St Valentines Day State Of My Heart Address - 2017

For years I used to write a State of My Heart Address on St Valentines Day.  It went back for years before I started this blog.  Most of those years I wrote about being on my own. Some years those were happy and sometimes not.  That seems like a lifetime ago.

My Kate

This is my tenth St. Valentine with Kate.  I am not sure where the time has gone. I cannot imagine life without her.  It seems like be have been through so much in that time.   I cannot think of anyone else i would want to do it with.  If someone told me everything I would do in the last ten years, I am not sure I would believe them.  No matter what we have always been able to pick each other up and keep going.

Happy Face

Now we have Aiden in our life.  This is our first St. Valentines Day as legal parents. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.  That love has only grown.  I never knew being a father would feel this way.  I never knew the way he would make me smile or the pride I'd feel when I see him do something for the first time. 

As predictable as my life feels some time, I know it is so hard to see what is coming.  I know I want to face that future with Kate and Aiden.  I am committed to them and our life together.  That is what love is to me. 

Family At the Zoo


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