Disneyland v. Amusement Pakrs


It is interesting how people are Disney people but not amusement park people.

Going to Disneyland makes me want to go to more amusement parks in California.  I always like amusement parks and going to Disneyland re-sparked this in me.  Growing up we would go to West Point Park, Dorney Park, Great Adventure, and Busch Garden.  Even if I didn't like every ride, I'd find rides I liked.

To my count there are four big amusement parks in northern California and seven big amusement parks in southern California.  I want to take Aiden to all these parks.  I think he will enjoy all of them, maybe not now, but has he gets older he will enjoy them. 

As a parent I find it hard to balance doing things that are exciting and just keeping a routine.  I want to push myself to take Aiden more places.  I think taking him to amusement parks might be part of that in the future.

I am interested in the idea that people are huge Disneyland fans, but not Amusement park fans.  There are a number of people I know who are this way.  They say there is just something special about Disneyland that no other place has.  I want to know more about why people feel this way.  I think it is an interesting thing to look at.  I want to hear more about people who love Disneyland but not other Amusement parks.


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