I should have gone to Disneyland when I was single.

Disneyland Starbucks

It took me 18 years of living to California to take my first for Disneyland.  After visiting there for the first time, I should have gone to Disneyland years ago.  I should have got at least the year I got my first digital SLR camera.  I should have gone on my own to take pictures. 


I guess I thought it would have been strange to go to Disneyland alone.  There was something in me that thought it would have been lonely.  I also thought people would have noticed me alone.  I even had a free one day ticket I let expire. 


I took more than 1000 photos over five days with Kate and Aiden.  If I was there alone, I could have taken over 10,000 photos.  If I didn't need to pay attention to someone else, I could have found so many picture.  I think I could have gone very deep on some subjects.  It really got my creative juices. 


Don't get me wrong, I wanted to pay attention to Kate and Aiden.  I enjoyed going to the park with them.  I just should not have waiting this long to do it.  My advice to any single photographer out there, go to Disney.  You will have a great time and no one will look funny.  I think many photographers will find great shots. 


I am not sure I'll ever go to Disneyland alone now, but maybe next time I'll sneak away for a little solo photo stroll.



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