New Photo Day by Day blog project

Turning 45

Today is my birthday, I am 45 years old now.  I think it is time for a new photo blog project.  I've been doing a photo a day project since 2010.  I am pretty sure I can make it to 2020 and take a picture every day.

Self 2016

I take all these photos but I really don't do anything with them.  I put them on flickr, but I never really get the chance to do anything with them. 

2015-06-05 18.35.31

I need a new artistic project.  Or is it just a new way to express an ongoing artistic project.  That is why I'm doing this blog.  I want to share some photo's that should get more attention.


I just hope I can find the time to do this.  Some days it is really hard to find the time.


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