Yes I shot film at Disneyland

Paradise Pier

Yes I shot film at Disneyland, I am that guy.  Even worst, I shot film on a toy camera.  I am that guy still living in 2008.  I did this because I find my toy camera is more fun to shot than anything else. 

Main Street on Film

When I walked around I did some camera spotting.  I saw point and shoot, film point and shoot, DSLR, flim SLR, mirrorless digital camera, smart phone, tablet, and a disposible camera.  When I saw someone taking a photo I wanted to check out t heir camera.  I am always looking for something cool.

Disney On Film

I think I lost a roll of film while I was at Disneyland.  I am not sure what would have been on that roll.  I remember taking some photos I don't currently see.  Maybe it will pop up again sometime.


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