45 Photos - Lumix Panasonic DMC-ZS40

45 Photos - Lumix Panasonic DMC-ZS40

I decided I am going to make a blog post for every working camera and lens I use for my 45 Photos project.  For each camera I am already making a Flickr Album. (Damn in my head I still think about them as Flickr Sets.) This project has made me think about the different point of views each camera needs to be used.


I bought this camera back in 2015 right before Wrestlemania.  I wanted a point and shoot camera with a really long zoom.  I didn't want to carry my DSLR around Wrestlemania and at the time the Shark Tank didn't allow DSLRs in the building.  This camera worked really well.


I used this camera a lot for about a year.  The long zoom was really nice.  It was quick in focusing and taking photos.  I really liked how sharp the photos I got out of this camera.  it was good at both close and far photos.  The only weakness it is heavy for a point and shoot.


But like all the point and shoot camera I buy, it only lasted about a year.  I beat up my point and shoots by always having them on me an using them a lot.  My everyday camera takes a lot of pounding. The lens started to click when I tried to zoom and the focus would not work. It does not work well, but I can still get a few photos out of it.  It was kind of fun to play with it in this shape. 


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