A Year Journey of Bariatric Surgery

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It has not been a year since I took the first steps toward bariatric surgery.  Last July I had an appointment with my surgeon and weighed in at 445 pounds.  I knew I wanted to have the survey from October of 2015. I wanted to wait until we finalized Scooter's adoption and we took Scooter to Pennsylvania to visit my mother to undergo the surgery.

I had the surgery in late September.  Since the start of my journey I have lost well over 200 pounds.  It has been a struggle.  There were times I have absolutely miserable.  I think to myself if I going to do this bullcrap to myself I'm going to get the most out of it.  I am very driven to hit my goal weight.  I am still a few pounds away from that goal.

It is strange to see people react to my weight loss.  Some people understand what bariatric surgery is and other people have no clue.   My favorite are people who ask if I am healthy first, not assuming that dramatic weight loss is always a good thing.  It is nice that people care in that way. 

It is strange to realize in the future there will people who won't know the version of me in the first photo.  My son will be one of those people.  He will not remember the version of me.  It will only be a photograph to him.  I wonder how that will impact my relationships with people in the future.  

Weight Loss Highlights:
  • Can wear the swag t-shirts they give out at work.
  • Took a flight without a seatbelt extender.
  • I went to two different hotels and the hotel provided robes fit me
  • Shopping for my clothing at department stores.
  • Went to Disneyland and didn't worry about fitting on rides
  • Don't have to worry about where I sit in a  restaurant.
  • Can find Levi Jeans in my size for the first time in 20 years.
  • I can sit on the floor without my feet falling asleep. 
  • I usually have to have a plan for eating wherever I go.
  • I am often not the heaviest person everywhere I go.
  • My hat size is 4 sizes smaller.  


Unknown said…
Congratulations, Rich! It's a dramatic change and a hard journey, and this is a fantastic post. I have to ask - you look happy in the first photo. Are you also happy now?
I'm gonna start calling you Jawbone. Good to see the highlights, and you look good. Well written piece, too.

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