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Yesterday I passed a milestone with my Trek Lift+ e-bike.  I have rode my bike far enough that it has cost me $10 a miles.  This is from my take home price with all my accessories.

Here is what I learned:

  1. The more I use the bike, the lower the range will be.  This is not because the battery is getting worn down.  It is because I am getting better at bicycling.  This is because it is a peddle assist bike.  The faster I peddle the more energy the bike will have to return.  
  2. The Range meter is not accurate, but this is not the bike's fault.  The bike range depends on how much I am going up and downhill.  The uphill ride drains a lot of battery power
  3. Currently the battery can take me one and a half round trip commutes.  This means my battery charger is in my bag a lot.
  4. It is fun to watch my range number and try to manage it by changing between Eco, Normal, and High power.  It gives me something to focus on when I ride.
  5. The battery takes a few hours to charge. I either do it at work or in my garage at home.
  1. On cold days I just want to ride as fast as I can.  Even my gloves don't keep my fingers warm.
  2.  I am getting better with my balance and turning. I can make turns I could not make a month ago. It is interesting how biking is a physical skill and you don't think of it.  
  3. On a flat street, I can average on High about 18 MPH, Normal about 15 MPH, and Eco about 11 MPH.  
  1. I like to think about cost per mile, but it will take a long time before I can claim I saved money buying this bike.  If I go with each mile saved being $.53, bike three days a week, I'd break even sometime in 2019. 
  2. I am also saving money because when I bike I am less likely to buy coffee and less likely to eat lunch out.  This saves me some money.
  3. I am going to forgo my gym membership this year.  That is someone money I can save.
  4. I am not counting the extra clothing I have bought to wear while I am riding.

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