XFL and Gambling

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I am surprised that no one is asking the question, will legal gambling make the XFL a viable business?  When I have heard reports of how legal gambling will change sports, I only here people talking about the major sports.  I am hearing and reading very little about how minor sports leagues will be impacted.  I know it is hard to see what rules the different states will regulate sports books, but I think in a few years you will see the maximalist version of sports gambling. 

Here are ways a league like the XFL could be impacted by close relationships with sports books.

1. Sponsorship - This is one of the easiest things to get your mind around.  It would be easy to see a single sports book be the official sports book of the XFL.  You would see the ads on the broadcast, website, mobile app, and field.  I could also see a world where you can get a free mobile audio/video stream if you sign up for a sports book account.

2. Specific Game Data -  Think of a world where there are specific types of bets you can only make with propriety in game data.  How many yards will a specific player catch for in a quarter?  How many targets will a specific player get in a half?  How fast will a player run during a specific series?  This kind of gambling I have hear people talk about for the NFL and NBA.

3. In App Broadcast Betting - This is the utmost in the live gambling experience.   The XFL can control who has the rights to broadcast their program.  Imagine a world where right in the XFL app I can place bets.  I can bet on the result of every play.  Since this is happening during the NFL off season, you might have the football world to yourself.

4. In Stadium Gambling - I think this one explains itself.  The XFL would be part of the house in this situation.

Yes, these same things could be true for Arena Football, Lacrosse, Curling, Softball, Field Hockey, Minor League Baseball, or any other sport you want to mention. 


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