What do you do when you go to a game

Eagles v. 49ers: Passing

On a recent Wrestlenomics radio episode Chris Harrington talked about going to a Minnesota Vikings and Twins game in the same week.  He gave an interesting insight about sports when he compared it to theater.  As someone who was not rooting for either team, the game got boring after a while.  When he goes to theater to the stakes escalate in the third act.  At a sporting even the stakes cannot escalate.  A touchdown is always seven points no matter how much time is on the clock.

Toward the Diamond

While listening to this I thought about what I'd do at a sporting event if I started getting bored at a sporting event, I'll pull out my camera.  I love taking photos at sporting events.  I've noticed that I take more photos when I get less interested in the game.  Before I was a photographer I'd go to lots of out of town sporting events, if I got bored with the game I'd explore the venue.  Stadiums are usually interesting buildings.  Now I focus on taking photos at these events.

Toward the Goal

I wonder if this impacts the way I view pro wrestling.  I take a lot of photos when I go to a wrestling show.  I will change my seat to find a better place to take photos from.  I wonder if this impacts the way I currently think about wrestling.  I often think about just want I'm seeing.  I don't really care about how the crowd is reacting.

The Punch

I wonder if this is something I should change or not.  I take great pleasure taking photos at wrestling events.  If I had more time, I'd be going to local wrestling shows trying to take more photos.  I wonder how this impacts me when I watch wrestling on TV. 


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