What it means to love a city


Traveling in Taipei is interesting.  I keep on asking myself, is the whole city this way or just the parts I am get to see.  The city seems very clean and well kept.  There is very little litter around, almost no graffiti, the smells good.  I know I am only seeing a small part of the city.  I am not sure of the parts of the city are not this way also.

Apartment Blocks

Walking back to my hotel last night I thought to myself I could fall in love with Taipei.  I can see having a long term relationship with this city.  There is a good chance I'll be coming back as long as I'm in this job.  I have enjoyed both my trips here.  This is a feeling I know, but I've not felt it in a while.  The idea of a place speaking to me.

Above the city

That said, I know there is a difference between loving to visit a city and loving to live there.  Right now when I get to visit a city, I don't have to care about so many things.  I don't care how the city infertructure impacts my day to day life.  I don't have to care about where I can take Aiden to on the weekend.  I don't need to care if I like my day care options.  I don't need to care about the traffic and the transit system. 


In my 20s I would have not cared about how the city would impact my life.  I would have just jumped into the adventure.  I would not really had thought about how the city would impact my life.  It is a strange thing to think about.  I am not sure I hear people talk about how what give you a quality of life is different at different stages or your life.


For not I am just going to enjoy my trips here.  I expect to come back here a couple times next year. It is ok to love to visit a city and not want to live somewhere.  I will just enjoy the chances I get to travel here.  



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