My Answers to the Slate Politcal Gabfest Conundrum Show 2018

December 11: Sold out

This week's Slate Political Gabfest had their corundum show this week.  I thought it would be fun to answer all the questions myself. 

Would you rather have the wisdom of a 50 year old when you are 25 year olds, or the body of a 25 year old when you are 50 - Wisdom of a 50 year old when I was 25.  I would have wasted less time in my youth. I was in bad shape at age 25.  

Waffle or Pancake - Now it is neither for me, Here is my official ranking Great Waffle, Great Pancake, Average Pancake, Average Waffle

Give up an arm or the Internet - The internet

What is a life altering activity that everyone should experience in their lives? - Being on stage in theater.

What fictional news even would I want to cover? - Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

All of your entertainment has to be from one decade, which decade? - The 70s.

Fourth Co-host of the Gabfest - Grover Cleveland

Have a good parent or be a good parent? - Be a good parent

What would you genetically change about humans? -  Give us a different mouths for eating and breathing/talking

What genre would you like to live in? Kids picture books, Wacky and fun all the time.  

Master one skill without effort - Guitar or one illustration

A washing machine or the right to vote - Washing machine, as long it was not the end of democracy for everyone.  

Would you rather life in Anarchy or a Totalitarian gov - We have seen anarchy in the 21 century.  If the population stays high, anarchy only last a short time until the rise of the Warlords.  Living under the Warlords are not that different than the Totalitarian.  Look at the Walking Dead to see what I mean.  (This is the reason I made this blog post)  

Would you move to Winnipeg because a 20 year future you told you why - Yes, as long as I can take my family.  

If you could teach the world one concept for the betterment of the human kind? -  Empathy

Which is more important for a partner, Intelligence or Sense of Humor?  - Sense of Humor for romantic, Intelligence for business partner

Would you give up 50% of your sense of humor for 10 Million Dollars? - I'll take the 10 Million Dollars.

Would you rather be stuck be listening to one song over and over again or read one book over and over again for the rest of your life? -  Reading one book, if I get to pick the book.

Bird or a Mountain - Mountain if I don't have coal in me.

Would you give up one of your five senses to fly one day a month? - Probably,  good bye taste.

Would you betray your friend or your country? - This depends on situation

Experience your best memory again or wipe clear your worst memory - Do I get to decide what worst memory that is?  Some bad memory are useless and some are important. 

Have a Dragon or Be a Dragon - If I am going with D&D rules, Be a dragon, if I am going by How to Train your Dragon Rules, Have a Dragon. 


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