Places I've Ridden Mass Transit

On the Train

I used to keep the list of all the places I've taken mass transit.  I had to do this list off the top of my head.  I've never minded taking mass transit.  There is something about it that is fun doing it while you travel.  Here is the current list.  I just wish I had a photo for every one. 


San Diego (MTS) - Trolley
Seattle - (King Country Metro) Bus, (Central Link) Light Rail
Portland (TriMet) - Light Rail, Bus, Street Car
Prague - Subway, Bus, Street Car
Taipei (MRT) - Train
New York City (MTA) - Subway, Bus
Washington DC (Metro) - Subway, Bus
Atlanta (Marta) - Train
Philadelphia (SEPTA) - Bus, Regional Rail
San Francisco (Muni) - Bus, Cable Car
San Jose (VTA) - Bus, Light Rail
Bay Area (BART) - Train
Bay Area (Caltrain) - Regional Rail
Lancaster PA (RRTA) - Bus
Boston (MBTA) - Train
Chicago (CTA) - Train
Vancouver - (TransLink) Bus, (SkyTrain) Light Rail

Holga Bus


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