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April 12: RailBlazer

RailBlazer - Great America
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I finally took a ride on RailBlazer Friday.  It opened up so late last year I didn't get a chance to ride it.  I took a lunch break trip to Great America.  It was a good day to go, the wait for the ride was only 15 minutes.

I had a strange thing I never noticed on a roller coaster.  It was uncomfortable for my hips and ankles.  Your feet are on either side of the rail.  The angle of my knees, the retrain on the hips, and the ankles made it impossible for me to get comfortable.  In the time from when my strapped in to when the ride started, I was in real pain.

Going Down

During the ride, I didn't think about my legs at all.  It is a very cool ride.  The zero gravity roll felt amazing.  The first drop that is almost straight down is mind blowing.  I had fun on the ride.

This said, I might not ride it again.  As soon as the ride stopped, my legs were screaming with pain.  When I got off, it took me two or three minutes of walking before my legs felt better.  I am not sure if that roller coaster is worth it.  It will be a while before I try it again.  I will ride all the other roller coasters in the park this year first.

RailBlazer Station


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