Fitness Goals


I've been thinking about my daily fitness goals. They seem to take up a lot of my mindscape.  They are like a video game where I can past the level with a different amount of stars.

1. 7000 Steps - If I am not getting 7000 steps I get stiff.  This is also the point where I get credit my healthcare discount.

New Favorite Feature

2. 11000 Steps on my 7 day average - The seven day average is one of my favorite fitbit feattures. Some days work or family get in the way of walking.  I think the seven day average is a way to measure the catch up.  If I have a good week, I've down this even before gotten out of bed.  

3. 11000 Steps - I set the goal of 11000 steps a day when I went from my Fitbit Blaze to my Fitbit Versa.  I figured out I am more likely to walk five miles with 11000 steps.  

4. 250 steps and hour between 8 AM and 4 PM - This reminder is a great Fitbit feature.  I do this whenever I can. Some days meetings get in the way.  I always get at least 250 steps for 6 of the 9 hours.

5. 3000 Calories account to my Fitbit - I have no idea of Fitbit is accurate for calorie count or not.  I am assuming it is not.  I am not even sure how this is measured.  I still have this sit as a goal and I go for it. 

5. 5 Miles according to my Fitbit - Usually doing everything else, this will take care of itself.  It is just a little bonus.

6. More steps than my 7 day average - This is not something I can do everyday.  If I walk to lunch and an afternoon walk at the office, I can usually do this. If I am working from home, this is much harder to do.  

7. 10 floors of stairs - I do not work hard to achieve this.

Bonus - Workout 5 days a week - I try to work out on the elliptical five days a week.  I need to get up at 5 AM to get this done.  I also am going to start riding my bike to work again.  On top of that, the gym at the office is now open.  I have to find a way to work that into my day. 


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