Mass Effect Ride Review

Mass Effect: New Earth

I rode the Mass Effect: New Earth ride at Great America.  It is a 4D ride with glasses, moving seats and other effects.  The only other modern 4D ride I've been on is Star Tours.  I remember being motion sick in Sensurround movies in the 80s.  It is a whole different thing and I was only a kid.

I liked the Mass Effect ride, but I would not say it was great.  There were a couple moments of surprise.  The way the chairs move cool a couple of times.  The chairs move in the Action Theater, unlike Star Tours where the whole room moves.  It didn't get me the same edge of motion sickness that Star Tours does. 

The Mass Effect universe is not something I'm into and this is a problem for me.  The theming is easy to understand, but it just didn't hold anything for me.  It was just a generic space ride and it didn't keep my attention.  It is not as good as Star Tours.  Being a season ticket holder, I am not sure I'll do this again this year.  I might try it on a hot day to get out of the sun.  It is fun, but not a must ride. It might be something you want to try if you visiting Great America for a day or two.  It is a change of pace from most of the rest of the park.

I do wan to try a 4D Ride if I visit another park that has one

The interesting this is that Great America is only using one of the two Action Theaters

Mass Relay Gataways


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