Birthday Ride

The Ride
I am in the Starbucks at the Stanford Shopping center recharging my body, phone, and bike battery.  I have this idea that I should try to do something outside of my normal life on my birthday.  Hopefully something I've been meaning to do and putting off.  Today I got a chance to do one of those things.  I got to see how far I could ride on a single battery charge.

October 8: New 

About two years I bought a Trek Lift + ebike.  According to this review the range on High is 30 miles That is pretty good, that I got 32 miles out of one charge.  It is funny that bike computer starts out by saying the range is 42 miles.

Range starting off

My bike is a Type 1: Pedal Assist bike.  That means as I pedal, and the motor give me an assist.  On high it triples my effort.  It makes it easy to keep my speed up around 18 miles an hours.  The range depends on the incline of the course.  It also depends on my effort.  The faster I ride, the faster I use up the battery charge.

This was a good ride.  I am happy I took the chance to do it.  Now I need to wait for the battery to recharge.  I hope it really does not take four hours like the review site says. 


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