50 Roller Coaster Road Trip Ideas - NJ and Eastern PA

I told Kate I might need to take a roller coaster trip when I turn 50.  Maybe I'll make my goal to ride 50 roller coasters or 50 new roller coasters the year I turn 50.  To get this done I'll need some a road trip to get these many roller coaster rides. 

This makes me wonder what would be the best four day roller coaster road trip.  This might be a fun thing to research.

Travel Day,
Fly to one of the area airports, rent a car, and spend the night near Wildwood, New Jersey.  

Day One
Morey's Pier - Wildwood New Jersey - 7 Coasters

There are a lot of pier with roller coasters on the Jersey Shore.  This give you an interesting change to do something.  You could hit eleven different parks as you make your way north.  I'm not sure you can do that all in one day. I think it would be fun to see how many coasters you could get in one day.

Drive 23 miles to Ocean City, New Jersey.

Playland's Castaway Cove - Ocean City, New Jersey - 4 Coasters

 I wonder why I never rode a roller coaster down the shore while I was growing up.  This is my chance to do this.

Drive 60 miles to Jackson, New Jersey to spend the night.

Day Two

Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, New Jersey - 13 coasters

I've not been to Great Adventure since 1990, the summer after my senior year in high school.  With  This many roller coasters you need to get the Platinum flash Pass.  If you going to fly to the park, you need to not cheap out on the tickets. 

At the end of the night drive 30 Miles to the next park.  Spend the night in Lanhorne, PA

Day Three
Sesame Place - Langhorne, Pennsylvania - 2 coasters

Get to Sesame Place bright and early on day two, so you can be there at the opening gate.  The two coasters are right at the front of the park.  Ride Vapor Trail, ride Oscar's Wacky Taxi, ride Oscar's Wacky Taxi again, and hit the bricks to go to the next park.  I already have these two credits, so there is a chance I'd skip this.  

Drive 60 miles to Dorney Park before lunch.

Dorney Park - Allentown, Pennsylvania - 7 coasters

I want to ride all the roller coasters here.  I want to ride the Thunderhawk to see how it compares to the memories of my youth.  I wrote before how Dorney Park was big in my youth.  I would try to figure out where the Iceburg and the Gold Mine used to be. 

Drive 66 miles to Lancaster PA to spend the night. 

Day Four
Dutch Wonderland - Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 3 coasters

There are only three roller coasters at Dutch Wonderland.  I think you could ride them before lunch and make it to Hersheypark by lunch.  There is no fast pass option listed on the Dutch Wonderland website.

Drive 85 miles to to get to Knobels

Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort - Elysburg, Pennsylvania - 6 coasters

Knoebels is an old school park, independent park. It would be a contrast from many of the big parks on this list.  I didn't see a fast pass option of any type.

Drive 41 miles to Hershey Park and spend the night.

Day Five
Hersheypark - Hershey, Pennsylvania - 13 coasters 

With 13 roller coasters you need the Fast Track pass and likely you will stay until closing. 

Go back to the Airport.


Total Roller Coaster Credits - 55
Needed Roller Coaster Credits - 52
8 parks
2 states
453 Miles driven


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