Iced Coffee drinking

Paradise Pier Iced Americano

The only two things I drink anymore are water and iced coffee.  I really can't drink hot drinks anymore, I just do not tolerate them.  I am a year round iced coffee drinker now.  The thing is, iced coffee are not the easiest thing to get everywhere.  While my office has free coffee, it does not have free iced coffee. This means I freeze the coffee in the office and drink my cold coffee from a jar with a giant coffee ice cube.  The other thing I can do it make an iced americano from the office coffee machine, just put the espresso shots over the ice. 

Iced Coffee Frost

I've also been tracking all the different places I've been getting iced coffee this year.  I was thinking of trying to rate them from top to bottom, but that is a little hard.  I've decided to just group them together.  There seems to be different levels of iced coffee.  I'll be publishing this list at the end of the year. 

Iced Coffee


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