Everyday for a decade

New Year's Eve: Kiss me at midnight

In 2004 I undertook my first 365 project and failed that year.  I also failed in 2006, 2007, and 2008.  The first year I succeed was 2010.  I didn't succeed until I had regular access to a smart phone.  I had a cell phone with a camera before that, but that was not enough.  Having a smart phone with a camera made it so much easier to get a photo every day.

I realized in 2012 was 25 percent way to doing this for 10 years.  This really excited me because I could see really doing it.  It became my goal and a big drive.  Photography has become my main hobby for the past decade.  I have taken at least one camera with me everywhere I've gone for the past decade.

This is a pretty hard thing to track.  I changed the way I tracked the the project. Below you will see the Flickr albums for each of the years.  Yes there are photos missing.  It might take a while before I get this cleaned up, it takes a while to figure out which days are missing from the sets.

I could not have done this project without Flickr as a place to keep the photos.  I had time to take photos every day, but I didn't have time to edit, upload, tag and categorize photos every day. 

If I had all the time in the world, I'd make a list of my best photos, a list of all the cameras I used, a list of the subjects, a list of the locations, and anything else that strikes me.

This has been the best artistic project of my life.  Maybe because it was more than a thousand little art projects.  It was something that kept me thinking about photography and the world around me everyday.  

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December 31: Frog Hopper


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