A new instagram account

Coaster Dad 7900

I got my first roller coaster ride of 2020 over the weekend.  This inspired me to start a new Instagram account, Coaster Dad 7900.  For a while I've been watching roller coaster and theme park videos on Youtube.  There is part of me that would love to make roller coaster videos for Youtube, but it would be a lot of work.

I like taking theme park photos.  According to Flickr I have over 32000 photos tagged Theme Park.  Even if a small percentage of theses photos make it, I have a good number to post to this account.  I just need to go through the photos and figure out which ones are worth posting.  That is enough to take months.

Of course this is another photography art project for me.  I am still working on my 2020 365 Project, cleaning up my old 365 Project, 2020 checklist project, 2020 X100 Bark Photos, and more I can't even think of right now. 

I think this will drive me to look for different photos when I go to Great America this year.  It might also get me to try to get a few more visits to theme parks this year. I am doing this for fun.  There are lots of roller coaster accounts out there.  I'm not sure this is a way that I could make money.  I hope this will just expose me to more people who love roller coasters and theme parks. 

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