My first 1000 view photo of the year

January 20: ceramic

Above if my first 1000 view Flickr photo of 2020.  I know I should not care about views on Flickr as much as I do.  I think this is something to track. To get views you have to understand how Flickr works.  This got 1000 views by being in the Marco Mondays group.  Really popular groups can get you a lot of views in a few hours, but you can't post there often.

I post all my photos and that dilutes my number of views per photo.  One or the reasons I post all the photos because I can't always tell what is good and what is not.  Some I know are bad, but I think even the bad photos are worth having in the larger collection.  It is about a record of life, not just the best photos. 


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