Already Gone

Empty Streets
I can't stop thinking about the parts of the economy that are not going to recover anytime soon. Before this year, people made a living doing all sorts of things I can't see happening anytime soon. Live theater, concerts, food festivals, county fairs, street, renascence faires, indoor playgrounds.

I also think about social distancing and what that will do for business. There are plenty of businesses that are not economically viable in a world were people have to social distance. How much money you can make per square foot. Will there be a reset of commercial real estate market? Will it depress people to go to restaurants where they have to sit so far away from each other.

I have a friend who keeps on harping on how we need to end Shelter In Place orders because mom and pop business owners are starving. I keep wanting to say many of those business owners are already screwed.

There are whole sections of the economy that might be unworkable for years to come. I'm not sure people are really coming to grips with what that means.


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