The Bronze Goal Achived


I am not sure I really should make goals for riding my ebike.  In 2018 I made a goal for how many miles I'd ride in a year and I ended up getting a new job, disrupting my commune and my ability to ride my bike to work.  I needed up only achieving half of my goal for that year.  


In October I sent a goal for how many miles I'd ride by October 2020.  I put the goal at three levels, Bronze 1000 miles, Silver 1200 miles, and Gold 1400 miles.  I ended up doing a good job through February.  I was a head on my monthly goal by a whole two months. 

My Bike

Of course in March it all went to hell.  I set a biking goal and he hit a global pandemic. Most of the time I was riding my bike to and from work. Since my commute has gone from 10 miles to 100 steps, it is hard to find time to bike.

It is hard to get away from the house to ride my bike.  I usually have to do it before my son wakes up.  If I have a morning meeting I can't get a ride and a shower before I work.  There is some morning I just don't want to get up to get a bike ride.

I have five months to reach my goal.  I think it is still worth trying to reach it.  When I hit 1200 miles I will have doubled the amount of miles on my bike in a year.  It is worth getting to that number even if I can only get a couple of rides a week. 


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