The most stressful thing I did this month was sit through the school district zoom townhall.  Our five year old will be starting kindergarten 100% for at least until January.  I worry my son will have no facility for online learning.  He does not really like video calls.  Everyone on the call seemed to be stressed out.  I can remember at New Years my son being excited about starting "big school" this year.  Now it is another thing that Covid19 has disrupted.

It is not that I'm worry about him falling behind other kids and competing. My secret anxiety is I've never lived up to my potential. That leads me to worry that I will fail him in helping him reach his potential.

On top of all that, everyone on the call was worried, stressed out, upset, tired, or just at the end of their rope.  Seeing the expression of "I wish I had a better answer" on the superintendent's face was hard.  I have a place in my heart for all the school staff is facing. 


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