Missing Roller Coasters


Tall enough to ride alone


Holding a giant Snoopy we got at Knott's Berry Farm last night Scooter pointed at the tag with the Cedar Fair logo and asked "how soon can we go back?" I told him it would not be anytime soon.  Next he said “I want to go back soon.  I want to go to Six Flags.”  We talked a little more.  He ended by saying “I am kind of board without roller coasters.  I really want to ride them again..  I really miss roller coasters.”  I told him I also miss them and he knows I’d take him as soon as I could.  

This broke my heart.  We have been sharing riding roller coasters for years.  Whenever he can ride a new roller coaster he will.  It has been something we have been really sharing.  

I spent an evening thinking about what amusement parks we could go do for October break.  Would we be willing to fly? Would we take a 12 hour car ride to an open park in Utah?  Where are the closest open roller coasters?

The next day I talked to my wife about this.  She listened to me and was very understanding.  A few hours later she said, “We are in a pandemic, we should not be traveling.”  She could see the frustration on my face.  “I want to get out of here too, but we should just stay home.  It is better not to travel." 

Theme park videos come up on YouTube Scooter asks if we could go there now.  I tell him we cannot travel because of Covid-19.  I would love to be able to travel to different parks with Scooter and Kate.  He gets sad when I tell him we cannot go now.  

Part of me wants to travel every weekend once all this is over.  It is strange to think about when that will be.  Who knows when we will be traveling again.  I know some people are already traveling to go to theme parks, but that just is not in my risk budget.  I have to make a list of parks I want to visit once everything is done. 


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