Bike Report October 2020, Month 1



Since I'm not going to the office on my bike, I have chanced my focus riding my bike.  I'm currently focused on the goal of riding my bike for 100 hours by October 2021.  The number of miles I ride is a secondary goal.  This means I am riding my ebike at the low assist level.  This will make it so I need to charge my battery less often. 

Focusing on time is very interesting.  I am using the clock on the bike, which only tracks moving time.  Door to door time of an hour, I get about 45 minutes on the bike clock.  The bike clock also does not run when I'm stopped at a red light.  This means I need to adjust my expectations of how many rides it will take for me to have 100 hours of bike time this year.  

Time 8:27 (On Target)
Total Miles 94.2 (Below Target)
Rides 11
Days 10
With Scooter 5
Full Battery Charge: 3

Ride Reasons:
Retail: 8
Recreation: 3

Money Spent:
$231 - New Battery Charger
$80 - Battery Converter


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