December Bike Update - Month 3


bike rack

I was able to stay on target, but I was not able to get on my bike as often as I like.  It is just really hard to get up early enough for a ride.  Most of the time I need Scooter to be out of the house to get a ride.  I didn't get to ride enough over winter break.  At least I didn't fall behind.  I actually made my lead a little wider.  I still have to work harder to get on my bike.

Total Time 29:35 (On Target)
December Time  9:45:00
Total Miles 325 (On Target)
November Miles 115
Total Days 24
November Days 11
Total Rides 37
November Rides 12
November With Scooter 4
Total Full Battery Charges: 12
November Full Battery Charge: 4

Ride Reasons:
Retail: 6
Recreation: 5
School: 1


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