Flickr Notes

January 19: Sunrise Sky

I am starting my year with 2021 with 22 million views.  If I keep my current view levels I'll end 2021 with 25 million to 26 million views.  I really would like to end the year with 30 million views, as a nice big round number.  The one want I could do this is uploading a lot of photos.  When I upload a large number of photos I get about 10 views per photo.  To get several million extra views, I would have to upload a lot of photos. 

I started 2020 with about 439,000 posted photos and ended with about 468,000.  Yes I have a large number of private photos on flickr.  So that is 29,000 photos I uploaded in 2020.  It will be interesting to see how many photos I can take. 


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