Flickr Projects

24-105 lens

I've been thinking about what to do with Sad Salvation.  I know keeping a blog is an antique thing, it is not as cool as still making a print zine, but it is something time has passed by.  I still like having a blog, but I'm not sure what to do it.  I post things here from to time, but it really doesn't have any readers.  I get about seven views for every post.  I guess I'm doing this for myself.

Flickr is my favorite place to hang out on the internet.  Sorting, editing, tagging, grouping, and organizing photos is one of my favorite things.  Photography is my big hobby and major artistic outlet.  Because of this I have a dozen different artistic projects going on at any one time.  I guess none of them capture all of my attention.   Some of these projects are just huge.  That could be why it is hard to focus on them for too long.  

I think I am going to devote one blog entry to each project.  I think putting things in writing gives me a different idea about what I'm doing.  It might make me think about what I'm trying to do more.  I think it will be cool to look at all these projects.  It will give me something to write and think about. 


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