My Father and Star Wars

Yavin Ceremony

 I am not an action figure guy.  I only have bought a handful of action figures as an adult.  Most of them I've bought a yard sales or flea markets.  The Luke Skywalker - Yavin Ceremony figure is a little different.  I bought this the moment I saw it in Target because it reminded me of my father.  

My father loved Star Wars.  When he was a kid there was no television.  My father spent many, many Saturdays at the movies, back when movie serials were popular.  Star Wars reminded him of Buck Rodgers and Flash Gordon.  I remember watching Star Wars with my father many times at the Drive In theater.  He always said

My father requested the song from Yavin Ceremony to be played at his funeral when his casket was leaving the church.  When asked why, he said the song represented the triumph of good over evil, life over death.  That is the story of Christianity.  I own this action figure in memory of my father.


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