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I was going to write a blog post after reading this article about Why Do So Many Famous Companies Lose Billions Every Year. After trying to write it for 10 minutes I realized that I'm not an expert on this topic and don't have the time to research what I want to write to give it good back up.  It is likely there are a dozen blog posts about this from people who know more. 

The experience I have is know lots of people in Silicon Valley who love these companies.  These are people at all different levels, from CEOs to entry level employees, who worship at the alter of the new and disruptive.   They want to change the world, even if they don't know how to make a business model.  They are Uber fanboys, Tesla worshipers, WeWork stans, and disruption acolytes.  These are the people who would say things like "is cable television still a thing." 

I guess I'm in a place where I'm doubtful of people who say a new technology will make the world better.  Some times when you disrupt an industry, all is have left is broken pieces. 

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