Missed Goals and Bike Accomplishments

Riding Along

Happy Bike New Year.  I've now owned my bike for four years.  I've am a little short of 4000 miles in that time. 


Last October I set some goals for riding my bike.  

Year Miles: 760
Total Miles: 3660
Year Hours: 65:30 Hours
Max Speed: 24.5 MPH
Average Speed: 11.6 MPH

Lets review how I did.  

  • 1200 miles - Failed - I logged less than 800 miles on the ebike.  I fell off the track in January and never got back on.  I never got back on track when Scooter didn't go to school in personal after Christmas.  I really had a hard time getting back on the bike without Scooter in school and me going to the office.    
  • 100 hours on the bike - Failed 65 hours.  It is hard to find the time to be on the bike. 
  • I want to journal my bike rides without using Strava - Failed, I kept track of my trips until the end of December.  It seems like all the tracking fell apart in January. 
  • Ride my non-ebike more for non-commute/non-shopping rides. - Failed, Since I didn't come close to making my hours numbers, I didn't dust off my other bike very much.  
  • Track how many times I charge my battery. - Failed, I just stopped keeping track of my charges like I stopped tracking my rides.
  • 24000 photos taken while biking - Achieved.  I took a lot of photos, from my bike and when I got to where I was biking.  When taking photos this way many of them are not good.  I made a set of the best photos I've taken,  I am happy that 2 percent of my photos are good. 
  • If I get back to the office, I want to ride my bike to the office more than I drive  - Incomplete I never got back to the office full time.  For the dozen trips I took to the office, I took the large majority on my bike.

The Year As It Was:

Scooter spent all of Kindergarten in remote zoom classed.  My office never re-opened for full time work.  Those two things undid many of my plans and some of my mental health.  For many months it was hard for me to find the time to ride.  

Other Achievements:

  • Dropped Scooter off at school
  • Picked Scooter up at school
  • Rode to the Flea Market
  • Rode to three different farmers market
  • Rode to two different malls
  • Rode to at least 10 different shopping centers
  • Rode to the grocery store more times than I can count. 
  • Rode to four different grocery stores,
  • Rode to Pet Store, Best Buy, Target, Costco, Game Stop,
  • Rode to Mountain View, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Milpitas 
  • Reached 20 miles an hour on a flat road.
  • Used my whole battery on one ride.

 October 9: The Bike - Number 283


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