I will miss my sweet ebike


On the first day of my new bike year, I looked at my odometer and wondered if I could get my bike to 5000 miles in one years time.  I wondered how my frame and battery would hold up over that time.  I wondered what kind ware my bike would hold up to.  I wondered if I could find the time to ride my ebike over that time.   I was thinking about writing a blog post about what I learned about ebiking over the last few years. 

I don't need to worry about any of that now, because my ebike, the Trek Lift + was stolen on October 1, from Target.  I rode to shopping center four miles from my house, not the closest to our house. I stopped and got some cat food first.  After Petsmart I went to Target to pick up a few meaningless things.  I came out of Target to find out my bike was missing.  I talked to the Security Lead at Target and he saw my bike being taken on video. Called the police and they told me to make a report online. I took a Bay Wheels bike from Target to my neighborhood and walked home.  I got home and fined an online police report.  Called my insurance agent to file claim.  After that I got online and looked what ebikes are currently being sold.

I am not sure how long I'll be without an ebike.  I still have a 22 year old Trek 820 in my garage.  I rode it today and realized how different riding an ebike is compared to my old trek.  I hope to be able to keep riding until I get a new ebike.  I think I'll still get a new ebike. 



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