New EBike

First Ebike Photo

I purchased my new ebike today.  I bought a Trek Allant+ 8S US.  It is a class three bike, but means it has a top speed of 28 MPH.  At the lowest boost is has a 70 mile range. Even when the motor is off, it is much easier to peddle. It is a total upgrade from my old bike.

Trek sent me an email for their average bike you can be carbon neutral after replacing 430 miles of car trips.  When I check out their website, I find out this is an average for all the bikes Trek makes.  I think my ebike might take twice that with the motor, battery, and wires.  

While my goal is to replace car trips with bike trips, I might need to be more selective.  The guy at one bike store told me that Target is a high bike theft area in the South Bay.  I think I have to replace 1000 car miles before I can say I'm carbon negative.  

My first set of goals:

  • Drain the battery in on ride
  • One battery cycle on Turbo (Highest) only
  • One battery cycle on Sport only 
  • One battery cycle on Tour only 
  • One battery cycle on Eco (Lowest) only

 I think this bike will be a lot of fun.  Now I just hope I get some sunny days soon.



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