Photography while biking


In my October 2020 to 2021 Bike Year, I took lots of photos and put them in a single album.  This is a lot of photos, over 26,000.   It took me a few months to pick through them, but I created my Best Bike Photos from 2020-2021 album.  This album has over 800 photos in it, so about 3 present of the total photos I took while biking.

Michelin Man

This is a fun project.  It gives me motivation to ride on my bike while I don't have a bike commute.  It know it is a lot of photos to get a few that are really interesting.  I still think it is worth it. 

Trek Life Plus

I am going to try to do this again.  Riding my bike still gives me the chance to take more photos.  I have to try to ride new places, to get different photos.  I'll have to see if that works. 

  November 13: Bird on the Wall - Number 318


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