Coffee Review - Dunkin Winter Edition Holiday Cheers

Dunkin Winter Edition Holiday Cheers

We got a new drip coffee maker a few weeks before Christmas.  I decided in 2022 I'm going to buy a different bag of coffee every time and write a short review.  I want to describe each coffee and give a star rating.

Star Guide 

1 Star - Awful, could barely finish the bag
2 Stars - Bad, will not buy again
3 Stars - Average, not bad not not worth going out of my way for. 
4 Stars - Good, the coffee has something
5 Stars - Superior, a really good cup that I want to have over and over again

Dunkin Winter Edition Holiday Cheer

Three Stars - This cup is right down the middle.  It is full bodied and smooth.  It does not bring anything extra.  It is a good cup on a cold day. 


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