My roller coaster plans

April 6: Giant DIpper - Number 96

 I am turning 50 this year.  I've been thinking about how I want to celebrate this milestone year.  Back before 2020, I had an idea that I'd take a great coaster road trip for my 50th birthday.  The idea would be to get 50 credits on one road trip.  In the last couple of years I've got the chance to ride many fewer roller coasters than I would have expected.  

I have a couple of goals for riding roller coasters over the next 18 months:

1. Ride 50 different roller coasters.
2. Ride 50 new roller coasters (coaster credits) in 2022
3. Ride 100 total roller coasters by my 51st birthday 

I think all of these goals will be pretty hard.  There are 25 major coasters in the Bay Area.  This means to even accomplish goal one I'll have to take a trip out of the bay area.  To ride very many roller coasters in one day, I'll need to have time on my own to ride coasters Scooter is not tall enough for yet.  I might need to find time to travel by myself to do some of this.  I have a hard time seeing that happen. There are some theme parks I'd love to travel to just to ride roller coasters.

Below is my realistic list of my next 10 new roller coaster credits.  It is not a bucket list, but a good idea of some coasters I might be able to ride in the next couple of months. 

Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 

Undertow - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 

Joker - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 

Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Sierra SidewinderSix Flags Discovery Kingdom

Goofy's Sky School - Disney California Adventure

X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain 

West Coast Racers - Six Flags Magic Mountain

GhostRider - Knotts Berry Farm

Sierra Sidewinder - Knotts Berry Farm

I will have to report back later.  



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