Bike Notes after 200 miles


I am enjoying my new bike.  I didn't get enough to ride during December or January.  It is hard to get on my bike to rid while Scooter is at home.  If I have spare time I want to give it to my son.  

If I rode this bike to work everyday or if I lived someplace more rural I'd spend the money for the extra battery.  That boost would be useful.  I don't need it here, but it would make me feel better if I was regularly doing 20 mile round trip bikes.  My new office is 10 miles away from my home.  It would take a full charge on turbo to get to the office and back home.

I like the using the Bosch app on my cell phone as the bike's interface.  It is not perfect, but it works pretty well.  I do not like that it does not have the battery display on every screen.

The music control features on the Bosch app.  It makes listening to music as I ride pretty easy and enjoyable.

I've only used the map and navigation feature on my bike once.  It was not a great experience.  If I didn't have an idea of where I was going, I might have gotten lost.  Often the app was not telling me the name of the road I'd be turning on. I usually don't take my bike anywhere I don't know where I'm going.  If I had to depend on this feature I'd be upset. 

I like that my bike can charge my phone as I ride.  I like not needing to worry about my bike charge while riding.  

The speed and power is a step up from my last ebike.  It has four speed levels, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo

Turbo is really fast, when moving at high speed I can feel how well built the bike is.  I have rode my bike faster than the speed limit on a 25MPH road.  

On Sport I can keep up a pace of 25MPH, this is still really fast.  It feels really powerful when you ride it.

If I was riding my bike to get around for most of my travel, Tour is what I'd use most of the time.  

I should use Eco most of the time, it is still really hard to do.

I have to use Strava now to track my rides.  I can automatically update from the Bosch app. It is the only way to really track my miles by month.  

I worry about locking up my bike at some Targets.  I don't want this bike to get stolen also.  

I am half way to my goal of replacing 50 trips with my e-bike.  After that my goal will be 100 locations.  I know I'm taking more short trips on the bike.  I am not sure I will every really be able to measure this.



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