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Back before COVID19 was a thing, I had set a couple of coaster riding goals for the year I was turning 50 years old.  With being taken off track of roller coaster riding, some of those goals seems to be unreal now.  Lets break down how those goals stack up now.

50 Roller Coaster Credits before I turn 50

Currently I have 37 roller coaster credits, meaning I'd have to collect 13 more before June.  Of the local parks Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has 7 credits I need, an 8th might be open before my birthday, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has 3 credits I need.  There are a couple other very small parks and family centers in 100 miles that have coasters, but I'm not sure which of these are worth trying.  I would say this is unlikely to happen before my birthday.   

Park Visits Needed: 3-5
Traveling Day: 0-1

50 Totals coasters ridden the year I turn 50

I have rode 5 roller coaster so far this year.  There are 8 coasters at Great America, 2 at Gilroy Garden, 9 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and 3 at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  That gets me to 27.  This means I need to take a real road trip, maybe 2.  Six Flags Magic Mountain has 19 coasters, I think it would take a two night trip for me to get all these coasters.  Knott's Berry Farms has 7 coasters I still need to ride this year.  That would also be at least a one night trip, depending on driving or flying.  

Park Visits Needed: 6-8
Traveling Day: 2-4

50 New credits the year I turn 50  

I have three new credits this year.  There are 35 coasters listed in the entries above.   That mean I'll need 15 more credits.  This means I'd likely to have to take two trips to get this many credits.  I would likely need to travel for two nights for each trip.  This could be to any number of theme parks.  

Park Visits Needed 8-10
Traveling Day 6-10

100 Total Credits by the time I turn 51

This just seems like a pipe dream.  I would have to add 63 to my current total.  I might have been able to do this if we had not just gone through a global pandemic.  It is hard to see having enough chances to just ride roller coaster that many time

Park Visits Needed 10-12
Traveling Days: 12-16

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