Flickr tags: Needs Tags and Needs Title


One of the things I like most about Flickr is the tagging system. It makes it easy for me to find and photos on a specific topic.  I have over a half million photos on flickr, with 400,000 being public.  I try to use the tagging system so I and other people can find the photos.  

My top two tags are needs tags (288520) and needs title (290,000), I've been looking at how many photos have each tag on my flickr account.  I uses these tags when I bulk tag upload photos.  If I had to tag ever photo when I updated it, my backlog would be just too large.  On top of that I have about 250,000 untagged photos. 

This also makes this post odd, I my plan is to make blog posts for some on my most popular tags.  I want to give good examples of these tags.  The problem is, once I find one of these photos, I'll add tags and remove the place holder tags. 

I do have some albums that are related to these tags.  One of the albums is called The Worst.  These are supposed to be my least interesting photos using the Flickr algorithm.  It turns out that my 500 most recent untagged photo have the lowest score in the Flickr algorithm.

The Worst

I have other albums for photos that needs titles photos, but the third party set maker I used no longer works as well and they do not update correctly. 
Needstitle 500


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