Signs of Covid

Empty Mask Holder

 The last time I was in Petsmart this had masks that any shopper could pick up and use.  This was a way you could come into the store if you didn't have a mask. It was a simple reminder to wear a mask.  Today is the first time I've been to the store since the local mandates ended.

Mask mandates are ending all over my state.  My county went from masks being mandatory to strongly advised.  When will be the next day I will not see a reminder of COVID19?  The time when I leave the house and not be reminded of COVID19. I'm not sure when that will be.  It has not happened yet.  Going to a comic book convention a few days ago was a big reminder of COVID19

Here are what I figure are the levels of reminders of COVID19

  •     Signs on business
  •     Public health advertising
  •     Masks on people and ground
  •     COVID19 News I am not searching for
  •     COVID19 product in stores
  •     COVID19 Testing centers  

I wonder if I will notice I do not see any of these things?

I predict it will be June or July before I have that day. 


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