The Sunrise Will Not Wait For You

Warminster Sunrise

The morning before my Mother's funeral I got up early and looked out my hotel window.  I saw the sun rising and I knew that I didn't have the chance to do anything to get a beta photo.  The hotel window was not the best angle to get the photo.  I didn't have my best camera ready.  I could not wait for the perfect situation to get the photo of the sunrise.  I just has to snap the photo at that moment if I wanted to capture it at all. At that moment I said to myself, "The sunrise will not wait for you."  

Since my Mother's passing this has been my mantra.  If I really wanted a good photo of the sunrise, I need to prepare and get lucky.  I could have gotten up early and scouted the perfect place to take this photo.  It would have taken effort and energy.  Without that I could take this photo or just missed the photo all together.  

I have been thinking about this idea everyday.  The world will keep going no matter how you approach it. You have to be there and be ready to take advantage of it.  You need to recognize when you will not get the perfect situation.  When you will not get the perfect situation, you need to decide what is important to you.  For me getting this picture was worth more than trying to get the perfect picture.  I think that says something. 


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