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I miss people writing blogs.  I know that blog posts do not go viral the same way that twitter threads do, but I really hate twitter threads.  I think that as a communication method, a twitter thread is really poor.  They are often hard to read and poorly structured.  So many times I think if the person just wrote a blog post, it would be easier to read the post.  Even worse than this are people who post words on

I know this is not going to change.  Twitter and Instagram can magnify peoples ideas much better than a blog can.  People don't maintain websites anymore.  People feel like they own their presence on the walled gardens of the internet, even when they don't own that place.  I want to read long thoughts in a place where you can write long thoughts.  

Long Twitter threads such.  You are writing a novel on a stack of 3x5 cards and hoping no one mess up the order of the pages or takes anything out of context.  If you want to write something long, just set up the right place to write it. 


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