Two Years

Costco At the Start

 I am not sure when the first time I heard about COVID19.  The first think I can remember is telling my co-worker in Taiwan to be careful over Chinese New Year.  There were some early super spreader events that came out of Chinese New Year.  

At that time I thought Covid19 would never get here.  That seem so arrogant now.  I was thinking about things like SARS and MERS.  We had scares before of things that never got here.  About this time in 2020 I thought the same thing would happen this time.  I was wrong. 

I've just lived through two years of one of the most important events of my lifetime.  In the last 50 years maybe the cold war had impacted the world as much as the Covid19 pandemic, but that was much more spread out over time.  At the start of the 2000's there was 9-11, but that was so much different in the ways it changed the world.  The housing bubble crash of 2008 was big, but this impacts were more concentrated.  Maybe it feels bigger because the way it impacted me, but it seems like it impacted everyone I knew. 


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