Floating World

Floating World

 About a decade ago there was this art display in downtown San Jose title Floating World. Back in 2011 I would get little glimpse of this artwork. I would see it when I was driving around the city. I had to walk downtown to take some photos of it

Floating World - Sign

It was under the highway near Adobe.  It was not in a place that got a lot of traffic.  I had to go out of my way to see it.  It is the kind of public art I really love.  It seems to be there just to be there.  I like that idea a lot. 

Floating World - Red Tents 

It is gone now and I have no idea when it went away.  I have been riding my bike around there regularly since 2018 and they were gone at that time. From far, there is no trace it was ever there. When I do a simple web search, I only see one post about this art installation.  It I didn't have these photos, I might doubt were it was or if it was really there at all.  

I should be happy I got the chance to take these photos.  There are plenty of things I put off taking photos of and never get the chance before they go away. 


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