Giant Dipper Review

Giant Dipper

A few weeks ago I rode the Giant Dipper for the first time.  It is not the best coaster I've ever written, but it is really enjoyable.  I've love to talk to someone my age who has been writing it their whole life.  I want to know if it has always written this way or not. 

I really love the queue for the Giant Dipper.  There is an outdoor and indoor part of the queue.  In the outdoor queue there are movie posters for famous movies that were shot in Santa Cruz.  Everyone remembers the Giant Dipper Scene in Lost Boys.  Inside the building there are cool signs on the wall.  Some are historic facts and others are conversation starters.  


The next part of the queue you can see the train roll into the station.  I like the level of anticipation this builds.  Everyone getting into the station looked so happy.  The ride ops were friendly and nice.  I asked to sit in the last seat and she allowed me to.  The ride op who checked the bars was really upbeat and cracking joke.  

Fun is the world I would use to describe the Giant Dipper.  It is not fast or intense, but it is fun.  Right out of the station it reminds me a lot of Thunderhawk at Dorney park.  Moving out of the station the track feels loose and almost sloopy.  The lift hill gives you a chance to see the beach.  It has a couple of pops of airtime.

Riding this coaster made me want to ride other old coasters.   There are not that many old coasters around here.  I think the next close old coaster is the Giant Dipper at Belmont park.  I might need to take a long roller coaster trip to really ride some old coasters. 

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