Coaster Goals Busted

Silver Bullet

Back in 2019 I made the goal of having 50 coaster credits before I turned 50.  I'm not going to achieve that goal.  I currently have 42 coaster credits.  I am not getting any new credits before my birthday.  I'll have to travel somewhere to get more than 47 coaster credits.  

That same year I made the goal of riding 50 new coasters in 2022, the year I turned 50.  I have seven new coaster credits this year.  To get to 50 I'd have to to travel out of California. 

I also set the goal to have 100 total credits by the time I turned 51.  This would take visits to several new theme parks to achieve.  

Back last year I was visiting a friend and he said, "We've just been through a global pandemic, you might need to change your goals."  He is right, but I'm still disappointed.  The world has been turned inside out, but it still seems like something I should have been able to do.  I'm fascinated by riding roller coasters, but I just don't get the chance to travel to them often.  I feel like I'm dragging my wife to them.

This will be easier when my son is taller.  He is a few inches away from opening up  a whole group of the adult coasters to ride.  It might take a few more years for me to ride 100 coasters.  I want to ride more coasters now, but I don't see it happening.


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