Carnivale at Orleans Place


I went to the Carnivale at Orleans Place at Great America.  We went to see the parade and the fire works.  My son had so much fun on Friday night, we went back for Saturday night.  Scooter might have had more fun the second night that the first night.  On Saturday night we just did the Parade and the Dance Party.  

Scooter had the time of his life.  Once the parade past where we stood, we followed the parade.  He love catching the beads thrown from the floats.  If he had the chance he would try to get all the floats.  He loved the dancing and the music.  He wanted the parade dancers to see him dance.  He had the kind of fun you can only have when you are seven years old.

At the end of the second night, I was feeling kind of sad.  Great America and Cedar Fair did such a great job with this.  I know this is something they do at other parks also.  I was sad because Cedar Fair announced sold the land under Great America.  If nothing changes Great America will be around for a decade or less.

I am not sure how Great America could be run for the next few years.  Will Cedar Fair still put on the festivals with the same effort and investment?  Will my son get to have this level of fun in the future?  I am sad to see this happen to Great America and the San Jose area. 

Dance Party


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