I don't have anything interesting to say anymore

November 19: Digital Past - Number 324

 The title of this is not really true, I say plenty of interesting things of say, I just don't have many interesting things to write anymore.  I feel like I don't want to commit my interesting ideas to the internet anymore.  I feel like no one wants to hear my interesting ideas.  I might need to look through my old blog post to make sure there is nothing from the past I don't want to stand behind now.  

Part of this is me, part of this is society, and part of this is the internet.  Twitter used to be an interesting place, a place of fun and conversation.  Most of the time now Twitter just makes me feel bad.  I only want to read people I like having interesting ideas.  I really don't want to see what they like or re-tweet.  

I see the world and think about what is going on around me.  I still wander what other people think and would like to ask them questions about it.  I would like the turn these ideas over again, but it no longer seems like the internet is a good place to do that.  There is so much noise, anger, fury, offense, dunking, and bad faith reading out there.  

For years I used to keep a pen and paper journal.  That journal morphed into this blog in the early 2000s.   Maybe I need to try to keep a pen and paper journal again. 

May 29: Journal


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